Saturday, February 28, 2009

My First Attempt at an Essay in Japanese

I wrote this essay in Japanese a few days ago. A friend was nice enough to check it for me, and she helped me fix it up. I admit I was pretty proud that I had managed to write an essay in Japanese, but then I translated it. I laughed so hard! It sounds like a five year old wrote it. Which is to be expected I'm sure. But I'd like to find someone who can help me make my Japanese sound a little more refined and mature, instead of little short phrases like a caveman.
I guess all I can do is keep writing writing writing and reading reading reading until I just slowly improve!
Enjoy! ~レイ~


The wonderful flow of music
I think that music is very splendid thing. Last night, I went to a jazz concert. At UNT’s Kenton Hall, a jazz band called L5 performed six songs. Without a doubt, the five guitarists, the bassist, the drummer, and the conductor all practiced and tried their very best for this performance. The concert lasted from eight to nine. The tones of the music danced around the music hall and I felt the beat of the music in my heart. I had been so exhausted at the end of a busy day, but I became well again. During the songs, each musician stood up one at a time and performed a solo. Throughout the entire performance, the performers kept the beat with their heads. I laughed a little at them, but I was doing the same thing without even realizing it. The mood of the music made me feel so happy. There are very talented musicians in the UNT College of Music. Last autumn, I bought an L5 CD, so now I can listen to their songs whenever I want to. Nice!