Sunday, January 11, 2009

日本語の仕事 - Jobs in Japanese

Majors, Minors, and Japanese language job opportunities

今の私は、大学生ですよ!!短大に入りました。 大学に転学したいのです。心理学か、社会学か、語学かを専攻したいし、日本語を副専攻したいです。大学の日本語の教師を連絡しました。 教師によると、私は上級の日本語の授業を受ければいい。

I'm a college student now!! I got into a junior college and I want to transfer to a university. I'd like to major in psychology, sociology, or linguistics and I want to minor in Japanese language. I've contacted the Japanese professor at the university I want to go to and according to them, my Japanese is good enough for their higher level classes!

日本語の副専攻は、どんな仕事が出来ますか?? 答えが簡単ですわねぇ!! 色々な日本語の仕事があります。 本当に、選択が多い!

So what kind of jobs are possible with a minor in Japanese?? The answer is easy!! There are a lot of jobs for Japanese. Really, there are a ton of options.

一番明らかな仕事は翻訳者だね。日本語を翻訳できるアメリカ人が本当に珍しいでしょ! だから、観光客のため、会社のため、外交のため、何でものための翻訳者の仕事ができますね!

The most obvious job is a translator. Americans who can translate Japanese are probably pretty unique! So someone could be a translator for tourists, a company, diplomacy, or anything!


But, if someone doesn't really want to be a translator, they could also teach. They could become a teacher or professor. Teaching English as a foreign language or Japanese as a foreign languages seems pretty difficult, but it also sounds like a fun and interesting job!

もっと珍しい仕事が欲しいならば、外国人に文化を教えることができますね! つまり、アメリカ人に、日本の文化と礼儀を教えれます。日本人に、アメリカの文化と礼儀を教えれます。そんな仕事が本当に珍しくて楽しいでしょ!

If someone is looking for an even more unique job, they could teach culture to foreigners. In other words, they could teach Japanese culture and manners to Americans, and American culture and manners to Japanese. A job like that would really be fun and different!


So, Japanese is a unique minor, but I think there are a lot of fun job opportunities that come with it!

その上で、日本の文化は、とても静かで興味深い文化と思います。 日本の文化は私の日本語の勉強の原因です。 日本の芸術とか、音楽とか、まぶしいお寺やお城がとてもすてきだと思います。

On top of all that, I think that Japanese culture is very peaceful and it's really interesting. Japanese culture is actually the reason I study Japanese. I think that Japanese art, music, magnificent temples, and castles, are all so wonderful!

それでは! 日本語を勉強しましょうねぇ! 笑

(みんなさんへ、私のブログが分かりにくくて読めないならば、教えてください。 正しい日本語を説明してください。 ありがとうございます!よろしくお願いします!)

So! Shall we go study Japanese?? lol

(Ok everyone, if my Japanese blog was hard to understand or if it was unreadable, please let be know! Please explain proper Japanese. Thank you!)

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